About La Belle Epoque 

Hello and welcome to La Belle Epoque Floral! "La Belle Epoque" means "the beautiful era", referring to a time of flourishing arts, fashion, music, design & peace during the late 1800s. It is also the name of the pearl-colored tulip that briefly debuts in early Spring. La Belle Epoque Florals is a floral design company specializing in weddings & events based in Nashville, TN with design emphasis on natural shapes, unique color palettes, and lush, seasonal elements. I am glad you are here & look forward to flowering your event!

My name is Lindsey Stickline, and I am a lover of all things natural, beautiful & bold.  My design style is inspired by my time spent in the mountains of Colorado, Tennessee, and North Carolina as well as my time in Latin America. Incorporating local, foraged elements brings a unique perspective to my design, making each arrangement special. I live in Nashville, TN with my incredible husband, Mike and my sweet dog, Lucy. We enjoy hiking anything above sea-level, drinking coffee anywhere we can, and traveling anywhere South of the border. I look forward to meeting you! 

 About Me 

about gradient & hue 

Flowers captivate. They are the queens of the natural world - not asking permission to bloom or to die, unfurling their petals whether they have admirers or not. They are wild and whimsical, while retaining poise and dignity; they symbolize new beginnings and the passage of time. It is this delicate dance that I find so invigorating, and it is why, I believe, flowers speak to so many of us in so many different ways.

Looking back, I see all the ways I was drawn to flowers throughout my childhood: in my grandmothers garden in Colorado (huge John Denver fan, by the way), in the mountains of North Carolina, even the poolside lantana in Texas. But flowers found me more formally in a time of transition in my life - they just gave me meaning and inspiration in a tangible way that I love to share with others. 

I take a thoughtful approach to a natural design style - flowers should look as if they could be growing right up from the soil, spilling over an urn, with trailing tendrils and curling stems. There should be a whimsical unfetteredness to your bouquet. 

Bring the outdoors in, I say.

Your wedding day is a new beginning - and what a better way to bring beauty and dignity to that day than with the queens that do it best. 


I am based in Nashville, TN where I enjoy spending as much time with my incredible husband and sweet pup as possible. I love hiking anywhere above sea-level, drinking too much coffee and traveling anywhere South of the border and beyond.


I would love to chat flowers with you - it’s my favorite thing to do! I look forward to meeting you and flowering your way down the aisle. 

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